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Luxury Angels

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Caring For Lashes

  • Always Carefully remove your mink lashes using a lash remover.
  • Apply Lash Shampoo or lash cleanser  onto a cotton swab or cotton ball and carefully clean along the strip of your lashes then use fingers or tweezers to remove any lash adhesive residue left on the lash band. 
  • Place lashes back in your storage tray, after 24 hours of cleaning your lashes using our lash shampoo they are now clean ready to be worn again. 

Need To Know

  • When you purchase our lashes please note that you will have to cut the band of the lash to get the ideal fit. 
  • Our lip glosses and hand made with Vegan and Natural products.
  • luxury Angel Hair is only returnable if defective or damaged. We will replace it if necessary. 

  • Luxury Angels does offer exchanges or returns on hair. If, you happen receive the wrong item please contact customer care ASAP. Also make sure to check your order before completing the transaction to ensure accuracy.

  • We offer 100% virgin hair. Our hair is of the highest quality and there is little to no shedding, we sell very high quality hair at affordable prices. 

  • The number  of bundles one would need depends upon the desired Type and fullness of the look you are trying to achieve. For a full look, 3 bundles is usually sufficient  for hair up to 18 inches In length. For other Lengths over 20 inches we would recommend using at least 3-5 bundles or even more if you are looking for fuller look. The amount of bundles needed also depends on the Texture of the hair.

  • Our wigs come in medium brown lace (can be tinted for better match) and HD.